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Croquet is a sport that has been enjoyed by a countless number of fans for almost two centuries! Since the 1800s when Croquet was introduced into the world, it has been a sport that a select elite players participate in. Originally Croquet started in 19th century England meant for higher class rich folks, but nowadays anyone can take part in this game all across the world. Croquet requires specific equipment and setup, and if you are not aware of how to do this we can help you here at Gatsby Croquet from start to finish.
Gatsby Croquet is your #1 croquet website where you can find everything from setting up your game, to successfully creating loops for beginners or experts alike. There are different games of croquet which you can also find here on our website such as six wicket or nine wicket croquet. There are also many terms which you might want to learn in this game that can help you when looking to play with other players who are already familiar with the game. All of the things you need in order to learn croquet can be found right here on our website!
Croquet is a sport that can also be enjoyed by all ages from 5 years old to 50 and up! There are also many competitions which you can later learn how to join and the associations that compete in them. Here at Gatsby Croquet you will find all kinds of information such as strategies to improving your game play, and different ways where you can set up your wickets. We are your ultimate resource in finding everything you need to know even if you are a beginner Croquet player, to the most complex and advanced player.
We want to thank you for visiting our Gatsby Croquet website and wanted to let you know that this website is comprised entirely of similar like-minded players as yourself. Our goal for Gatsby Croquet is to bring everyone of the same interests in one large community such as what we have here.
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